Sunday, 26 May 2013

"(S)He´s Got The Look!" - Dr. Sketchy´s at Diana-näyttämö, Helsinki 31.5. 2013

Dr. Sketchy´s goes seriously gender-blending at Diana-näyttämö on Fri 31st May! Your hostesses for the night are ALL the resident Finnish Sketchy-troublemakers! Have a sip of the mystical Jackie O´Lantern, flavoured with the unmistakeable Pepper Mint, with a fiery hint of Tinker Bell! And to top it all, modeling for the night is.... are..... is......... we don´t know, come and see for yourself, but there´s  breathtaking Lola Vanilla, there´s dazzling Bent Van Der Bleu, who knows what will happen! Not we! We´ll draw draw draw until our pencils are exhausted and our ink is running dry!

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